MAN TGS 28.540 - Juhl Peter

This is the new MAN TGS 28.540 of Jul. Peter from Sargans (CH).

The Fassi 1100 was installed by Egon Willi and is mounted in the center of the truck. The crane is a 8x extending version with an outreach of 19,65 meters where it can lift 3,32 tons.

There is also a jib available that extends 6x, this gives an outreach of 31,55 meter. The jib has the JDP System (Jib Dual Power) that gives the jib more capacity when the last 2 telescopic parts of the main crane don't extend. These parts provide a stable base for the jib that is then capable of lifting a maximum of 6,5 tons.

The crane also has a winch installed.

Remarkable are the outriggers. The front units are mounted over eachother and extend sideways and to the front. Together with the rear outriggers this gives a 100% all-around stabil crane. The entire body (crane, subframe and outriggers) can be demounted so that the truck can also be used as a tractor.

Here all the outriggers are extended and the crane can be set up. The own weight of the vehicle is a bit more than 25 tons.

This MAN is a interesting version. It's a 6x4*4, meaning it's a 4x4 with a non-driven but steered tag axle. This chassis version provides gut traction and manoeuvrability, which for instance is good for use in mountaines areas. The typeplate states 28.540 6x4-4, which says that it's allowed for 28 tons and has the 6 cylinder engine with 540 Hp (Euro 5 version).

The loading box behind the crane can be used for the chains etc.

Here it is clearly visible how the front outlegger extends to the front as well.

A cool working machine!!
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