MAN TGS 41.480 - Mauracher - 2

The crane is extending, here the 4th extension is coming out.

And when everything is extended, 7x on the main boom and 6x on the jib, we have reached 50 meter far of about 54 meters heigh. With 1 manual extension that becomes 3,5 meter more, with 2 manual extensions it can even reach up to 56,73 meter far.

Here we see the lifting tables of the base crane and the crane with the 6S jib. The base crane can reach 27,45 meter far en still lift 4740 kg. Interesting is the height of the base crane, 32 meters, because that is the starting height for the 6S jib that can be seen in the table on the right. This jib has got a capacity of 7,2 tons at 13,2 meters distance and 32 meters of height. Or at full reach it can lift 865 kg at 31 meter distance at 32 meters height. This clearly shows the advantages of the long arm design.

The manual extensions on the normal jib are good for lifting jobs to heigher heights, but they have the disadvantage that they cannot tilt. This solution offers that option, a 2nd jib that is put on top of the 1st jib. This is a 3S jib that adds about 6 meter of horizontal outreach of additional height to the crane.

The tilting height for this jib is an impressive 54 meters, where it can still lift a maximum of 740 kg or 200 kg when it is fully extended. A maximum height of about 60 meter can be reached with the 2nd jib. The table on the right shows the lifting capacities of this jib when the last extension on the main jib is not extended. Then the 2nd jib can handle up to 1300 kg at about 48 meters of height.

Here the crane is lowered so that the winch cable can be installed. The winch is mounted below the telescopic boom.

The winch cable goes through a number of rolls that are mounted between the main boom and the jib, the so called Wind & Drive system. With this system, the cable can stay in the crane when it is folded down. At the head of the jib we see the block with the sheves for the cable.

Here the winch is in operation. From the winch the cable runs trough the rolls and the head. The cable goes down and back up again, meaning the winch capacity is doubled by this setup.

Here they lifted a concrete block for a test. I would guess it has a weight of about 4 to 5 tons, not a real challenge for this crane.

In this region the crane will be used a lot for installing windows in new buildings. With the long boom and double jib, this can be done from very large distances, meaning the construction site doesn't always need direct road access.

Here the block is also lifted at an angle to the front of the truck. Due to the own weight of the truck and the heavy front outriggers, this isn't a problem aswell.

I used some film fragments for this video
Again a very nice new knuckleboom crane for Austria!!
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