Volvo FH16-660 - Thomas Petersen
This is the beautifull new Volvo FH16 of Thomas Petersen from Herrestrup (DK). It's the son of this company Henning Petersen, and has the same company colors.
It is a nice FH16 with 660 hp that was converted by OA Opbyg. The base is an airsuspended 6x4 that has gotten an extra air suspended front axle.

A regular Effer 1750 was installed behind the cab. It is installed in a similar way as most 1750L are mounted.

The entire truck is styled very stylish with nice side plates and toolboxes.

Behind the Volvo hangs a 2-axled mid-axled drawbartrailer.

This has been kept in the same style as the truck. The trailer is equiped with a set of tiltable boat struts.

Here we see the crane from the other side. It is an 8S version with a hydraulic outreach of 19,72 meters. At that distance this crane, with a maximum capacity of 120 ton/mtr, can still lift 5,38 tonnes. The hydraulich outreach is enlarged by a 6S heavy duty jib, in total it is about 32 meters with a capacity of 1,64 tonnes. The 3 manual extensions of the jib can also be seen here, they give a total outreach of about 39 meters.

The crane was mounted by KL-Kranservice. This company also made the chassis reinforcement between the crane and the front bumper, this gives the crane an all around stability.

A nice combination that also has some very nice airbrush details that are related to it's work. The dieseltank at this side has a speedboat on it, the oiltank on the other side has a nice sail boat painted on it. The truck is being used regulary to lift boats.

The trailer has been set aside, now a interesting construction could be displayed. The truck has a 5th axle that can be tilted onto the loading floar. This axle is also installed by OA-Opbyg and can carry 12 tonnes.

The axle is tilting down to the ground here. A piece of loading floor has been mounted above the axle. The can drive on the road legally without putting this axle down, it stays within the legal 32 tonnes. This makes the normal crane truck equally short as a normal 4-axled truck, which makes it usable in the city.

The axle is only used when something has to be transtorted outside the legal roads, for example in a harbour or on a yard. Mostly it is used to transport boats inside the harbour. They are loaded and then transported to the quay where they are lifted into the water. The system with a tiltable axle is great because the truck stays compact when it's used as a crane but it still has the axle with him when he needs it.

Here the crane is set up and has extended completely.

The crane truck has got 5 outriggers, 2 originals at the crane, 2 at the end of the chassis and one at the front of the chassis..

Because the chassis has been reinforced to the front, the crane also lift it's full load to the front, a feature that is good on cramped building sites.

The flatbed of the truck aswell as that of the 5th axle are equiped with a set of boat struts. They can be tilted up hydraulically and are there to support the boat. The 5th axle steers hydraulically with the front axles, as can be seen here.

The flatbed of the 5th axle has got a gutter that provides space for the keel of the boat.

Another interesting option. The base crane has got 1 manual extension to which the jib is mounted. Extending this part will give about 1,5 to 2 meters of extra height for the main boom, this gives a bending height for the jib of about 24 meters (normally about 22,5 meters). This manual part is not Effer-built but a local production.

The heavy duty jib is an interesting option. This can lift a maximum of 8,1 tonnes to the heighest position of the boom, meaning about 22,5 meters. A 4-point spreader is hanging at the jib, ideal for lifting boats.

A truly beautifull crane truck, that in particular stands out because of the many well thought technical details. Some more: on top of the roof, at the rear side, there is a sideways extendable rack with 2 cameras to have a good view to the rear when a wide load in loaded. The outrigger at the front on this side stands on a custom made load divider, this spreads the load over 3 plates. This is very helpfull when this leg stands on weak soil on for example on a pavement.

Many thanks to Thomas Petersen for the large demonstration of his crane truck!
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