Volvo VN660 - Grollitsch

The recovery- and transport company Grollitsch from Villach (A) has this very special Volvo VN 660 in it’s fleet.

The reason that this Volvo is so special, is that is has been built in Europe instead of America.
Volvo America doesn’t have the VN 660 in a 8x4 configuration with a 2+2 axle layout. That is why they searched for another posibillity to get a 4-axled VN. This was found in Holland with the company Ematra. This company did a rebuild, based on a original Volvo FH 8x4. They replaced the FH cab by the nose and sleepercab of a VN 660. The rest of the bodywork was also adapted to the 4-axles (for istance the stairs to get into the cab).

When this job was done, the tractor went to Austia to get a Fassi 900 with jib. This was mounted/deliverd by Kogler Krantechnik / Ressenig. The crane has a total of 6 outriggers, 2 at the rear of the chassis that are built away behind the sideskirts, 2 tipable ones that are at the base of the crane and 2 additionals that are mounted at the front bumper. They can hardly be seen, because they are mounted behind the bumper.

A demountable recovery unit can be placed on the fifth wheel of the tractor. The front strut, on which the unit rests when it is demounted, can be seen above the mud guard. At the rear the unit will support itself with the ground shovels.

While the recovery unit is demountable, the tractor can also be used as a crane truck together with a lowloader.

With the long sleepercab and the heavy crane, a long wheelbase is needed to provide enough space for the recovery unit or a trailer.

The long wheelbase and the heavy crane therefore provide a good stability when a vehicle is transported on the recovery arm.

A unique truck and a beautifull showtruck that is being used every day for heavy recovery jobs !

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